For Nevada’s gamble on Tesla to work, Tesla’s bet has to succeed

For Nevada’s gamble on Tesla to work, however, Tesla’s bet on its own business model has to succeed. In a quest to further drive future growth, the company has been burning through a lot of money for research and development as well as capital expenditure. Just this month, the company raised $738.3 million through a stock sale to further boost its finances.

Source: The Tesla equation: From 0-60 to net zero – Reno Gazette Journal.

NV political fray over rooftop solar energy ignores solar’s leasing scam…

Pols pimping for solar companies are apparently OK with them duping homeowners with rooftop leasing scams.

The mighty sun appears to have hit the black hole of Nevada politics in the caustic dispute between NV Energy and the rooftop solar industry over the expansion of net metering.

Net metering, where residents who install rooftop solar systems receive a credit for excess electricity their systems generate and send to the grid, has been a political football for the past year.

Source: Obama joins the Nevada political fray over rooftop solar energy – Las Vegas Review-Journal

NV Supremes to hear stupid @NVGOP lawsuit.

A state senator’s lawsuit against a former primary opponent will be front and center of oral arguments before the Nevada Supreme Court Wednesday.

State Sen. Ben Kieckhefer, R-Reno, filed a defamation lawsuit against Republican challenger Gary Schmidt during the 2014 primary.

This is an  epic waste of the court’s time…and your tax dollars.

Oral arguments before the full Nevada Supreme Court begin 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Carson City.

Source: Supreme Court to hear Reno campaign commercial case Wed.

Ralston’s sophomoric ACLU lawsuit analysis – amusing, but lacking substance

This guy really loves looking at himself in the mirror…

If you have 5 minutes of your life you want to waste, here’s something to read…

You would have thought the American Civil Liberties Union had suggested a Swiftian proposal.

“The ACLU wants to go back to a system of hard zoning, forcing poor and minority students into chronically failing schools and furthering cycles of generational poverty,” state Sen. Ben Kieckhefer thundered in a news release. “The only people who lose if the ACLU succeeds are the children of Nevada.

”My goodness, why does the ACLU hate kids so much?

Source: Ralston: School choice issue goes beyond ACLU lawsuit

Sandoval bummed over that church-state separation thing….

The lawsuit filed this week against the state’s sweeping school choice program did not shock Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Both opponents and fans of the education savings accounts, which offer about $5,000 in tax dollars for students to use at private or religious schools, fully expected a legal challenge when the governor signed legislation creating the new program.

And school choice advocates from across the country already have vowed to defend Nevada’s voucher system — widely considering the most aggressive in the nation — against a lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union filed on Thursday challenging its constitutionality.

Sandoval, during a tour of a Las Vegas high school on Friday, indicated he looked forward to the courts settling that dispute.”It’s disappointing, but not a surprise,” he said of the ACLU’s lawsuit.”We knew that there would be a challenge,” Sandoval added.

“But I think the important issue is to resolve that question once and for all. I’m a big believer in school choice.

“Education savings accounts, or ESAs, grant about $5,000 in per-pupil funding to families who pull students out of a public school and instead funnels the money to a private or parochial campus.

Parents also can spend the money on homeschooling, tutoring and other education services, but the ACLU contends the Nevada constitution strictly prohibits any use of public funds for a sectarian, or religious, purpose.

The national organization, its Nevada chapter and the advocacy group Americans United for Separation of Church and State plan to ask a Clark County District Court judge to temporarily halt the state’s implementation of ESAs.

“It does not matter that Catholic parents desire their children taught the Catholic doctrines, or that Protestants desire theirs to be instructed in Protestantism,” said Amy Rose, legal director of the ACLU of Nevada, quoting a Nevada Supreme Court decision from 1882.

Source: Sandoval: Legal challenge to school choice program ‘disappointing’ – Las Vegas Review-Journal

#Racists deface ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign at Reno church

The reverend at a Reno church wanted to show his solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, so he hung a sign outside the church.

Within 24 hours, the sign had been vandalized.

The Rev. Neal Anderson said he put the sign up Wednesday at around 5 p.m. outside the Unitarian Universality Church of Northern Nevada on Del Monte Lane. It’s a simple sign with a yellow background and a black graphic of a heart.

“The (church) is committed to bearing witness to racism and working to eradicate racism in our community and our state and our nation,” he said. “So in solidarity with the black liberation movement and Black Lives Matter, we put that sign up.”

Source: ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign defaced at Reno church – Reno Gazette Journal.

Heck panders to #GOP’s white racist base

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck said Thursday that birthright citizenship should be on the table in the broader dialogue about immigration reform.

The 3rd Congressional District Republican made the comment to reporters after speaking at a breakfast sponsored by the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.

The event drew about 200 people to the Vdara.Heck is seeking his party’s nomination for the Senate seat of Harry Reid, D-Nev., who is not seeking re-election in 2016.

Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is seeking the Democratic nomination and has Reid’s support.

The race is shaping up under a broader national backdrop, the discussion of immigration reform that has dominated the presidential race.

Source: Heck: Immigration reform talks should include birthright citizenship – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Finally, a cop with a clue: Lombardo willing to work with marijuana dispenseries

Screenshot 2015-08-28 at 08.32.30In a state where selling pot could once net you life in prison, Clark County’s top law enforcement officer told a room full of marijuana business owners Thursday that he wants to work with them.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who heads the 3,200-officer Metropolitan Police Department, made light of the historic nature of his appearance at a lunch meeting of the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association.

“Bear with me. I’m still trying to wrap my arms around the fact that the sheriff’s in a marijuana (meeting),” he said to laughter.

Speaking just days after the county’s first legal marijuana dispensary opened, Lombardo told the owners he wants to help make sure their businesses are safe.

Source: Metro’s top cop says he wants to keep medical pot businesses safe – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada gaming revenue dragged down in July by decrease in Clark County

Nevada gaming revenue dropped slightly last month, led by a more significant year over year decrease in Clark County, the state reported today.

The Gaming Control Board said statewide casino revenue was $922.9 million in July, down 0.96 percent from the same month in 2014.

Statewide, baccarat revenue declined 23.08 percent to $104.1 million, while slot revenue increased 5.52 percent to $600.3 million.In Clark County, where most of the state total is generated, gaming revenue dropped 1.72 percent from the year before to $786.6 million.

That decline was more pronounced on the Strip, which reported $525 million in gaming revenue for the month, down 2.09 percent from 2014.

Source: Nevada gaming revenue dragged down in July by decrease in Clark County – VEGAS INC.