@Uber’s Nevada bait & switch – a sad example about how not to make a good first impression

CaptureWant to driver for Uber in Nevada? Go ahead, sign-up on-line, pay for your vehicle to be inspected, get your background check done (including giving Uber virtually all of your vital personal information) then get ready for the surprise.

The only place you can get your sign-off, including the Uber sticker for your car, and the app for your smart phone, is in Las Vegas.

Drivers in Washoe county and elsewhere in Northern Nevada are finding out the hard way, that after you jump through all of the hoops to get qualified to become an Uber driver, you have to make a nearly 900 mile round trip to Las Vegas so Uber put you through the entire process again.

They don’t tell applicants this at the outset. Uber’s website is a beautifully crafted sales pitch which few job-seekers (especially job hungry Northern Nevadans) would turn down. Uber lets potential drivers go through the entire laborious but necessary process first.

Once an applicant completes the application process and shells out their vehicle inspection cash, then they find out about the Las Vegas requirement.

A quick call to the Nevada Taxicab Authority, who says they’re responsible for regulating Uber’s activities, and one finds out that the NTA thinks this is just fine…they’ll bluntly tell you they don’t care what Uber says and does. (All that lobbying cash Uber spent in Carson City earlier this year really paid off.)

CaptureUber of course won’t talk to you by phone, but they will send you an e-mail saying the nearly 900 mile drive from Reno to Las Vegas and back is “well worth the trip.”

You think Uber would do folks in Northern Nevada, many of whom are desperately trying to find work, the courtesy of letting them decide that small point before they shell out time and money.

By the way, Google Maps says a trip from Reno to Las Vegas is 448 miles, each way. So that’s just under 900 miles round-trip. At the current reimbursement rate of $.57 1/2 cents per mile Uber applicants can expect to put slightly over $500 worth of wear and tear on their car.

And unless your someone who doesn’t need to eat or sleep you’ll need to fork over a few more dollars for a hotel room and meals too.

It is amazing that Uber, as hard as their company worked to get into Nevada in the first place, would treat people this way.

Let’s hope it is an oversight that will soon be corrected. The optics are terrible, and Uber deserves the scorn they’re getting from angry job seekers.

Then again, we’ve seen Uber’s ham-fisted approach with regards to the public before, so all you potential Northern Nevada Uber drivers, don’t hold your breath.  Keep your fingers crossed that Tesla treats you better.

Canadians and Mexicans get Tesla lithium supply deal

Tesla Motors has finalized an agreement that will allow the company to obtain lithium from a mine near its Nevada factory.

Vancouver-based Pure Energy Minerals says it has made arrangements to supply lithium for the electric car manufacturer’s batteries.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also signed a five-year agreement with a lithium site in Mexico.

Source: Tesla makes deal for nearby lithium supply – KTNV TV

Uber, Lyft advocacy campaigns fumble the ball again in Clark County

Uber and Lyft drivers could be on the road in Las Vegas as early as Monday — it just could be illegal.

That’s according to Clark County, the officials of which claimed today that it would be against the law for the ride-hailing companies to operate within its jurisdiction without business licenses.

The catch? The county has yet to create a legal framework for the companies to receive that authorization.

Source: Clark County to Uber and Lyft: Not so fast – Las Vegas Sun News

Teachers enlist parents in pay fight

Frustrated by what they claim is an unwillingness by the Clark County School District to come to an agreement over a new contract, teachers union leaders say they will seek the support of a group that up until now has been conspicuously absent in the debate: parents.

Source: Teachers union wants greater parental involvement — in pay raise dispute – Las Vegas Sun News

@GOP in panic mode…they send in Ralston to berate their own voters

John Ralston: “Donald Trump’s ascent is the natural consequence of a concomitant descent in American politics that has been occurring for decades.”

In other words, if you like Trump you’re stupid. Need more proof the @GOP is in panic mode…they send in Ralston to berate their own voters.

Source: Ralston: Trump’s rise pairs with descent of politics

Ralston wrong again: @GOP’s brand damaged long before Trump

Donald Trump isn’t Joe Heck’s problem.

Ralston’s sophomoric analysis misses the mark, as usual:

“Unfortunately for Heck, though, as Trump auditions to redefine what ‘The Ugly American’ means, he is blackening a GOP brand on immigration that already was pretty tarnished and in so doing, threatening Heck’s bid for the U.S. Senate.”

Nice try, but Clive Bundy and the gun brandishing, government hating, immigrant hating, bigots that make up a huge core of Heck’s Republican base are redefining what “The Ugly American” means.

Nevada Democrats and the DSCC certainly know this and will use it to their advantage.

Heck may want to get another water carrier, and a better cover-story.

Source: Ralston Reports: Trump’s rhetoric damaging Heck’s chances for Senate

Nevada tax kooks go to war…

A group that supports Gov. Brian Sandoval’s $1.1 billion tax increase filed a lawsuit today to block efforts to repeal the law.

The Coalition for Nevada’s Future submitted its petition to the district court less than an hour before the 5 p.m. deadline.

The We Decide Coalition, whose members are unhappy with the tax over the next two years, has launched a referendum drive to gather 55,234 signatures to put the issue on the 2016 ballot.

The names must be submitted before June 21 to qualify.The group is headed by Chuck Muth, president of Citizen Outreach, a conservative group based in Las Vegas.

He could not be reached for comment.Lawmakers, at the urging of Sandoval, passed the legislation that extended expiring taxes, raised the cigarette tax and imposed a business tax based on gross revenue.

The suit asks the court for a permanent injunction to declare the referendum petition invalid because it includes more issues than are allowed by law.

Source: Suit filed to stop Nevada tax repeal effort – Las Vegas Sun News

Rubio, trailing by double-digits, blabs hollow, meaningless @GOP rhetoric in Reno

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., made his first stop in Reno this campaign cycle Monday night, telling an estimated crowd of about 500 at the Peppermill resort that the United States is in danger of losing the “American Dream” of success and falling further behind militarily to other world powers.

Source: In Reno, Rubio warns ‘American Dream’ slipping away – Reno Gazette Journal