Nye Couty D.A. thinks burning your dogs up in your house is no big deal…

Diane Davis is set to appear in this court Monday, but she’ll be met with protestors saying they want they justice.  Davis was arrested over two years ago. According to original court documents she was charged with one count of first degree arson and 13 counts of animal torture.

Recently the District Attorney’s Office released amended court documents, with only the arson charge, and all counts of animal torture had been dropped. Animal activists in the area are outraged.

Source: Animal activists angry charges were dropped against woman – Story

Nevada about to come down on CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports leaves town

CaptureNevada has already decided daily fantasy sports are gambling and that people can’t put their dollars down on DraftKings and FanDuel until those sites obtain a license in the state.State gambling regulators haven’t been as clear about paid season-long fantasy games offered by such longtime operators as CBS Sports and Yahoo Sports, which make a profit and pay cash prizes.

Yahoo has pulled out of Nevada out of caution that their paid season-long games might run afoul of state opinion. Still others continue to offer a chance for players to win.

Nevada concluded on Oct. 15 that daily fantasy sites are akin to sports pools, broadly defined as accepting wagers on sporting events.

Source: Season-Long Fantasy Sports Now a Question in Nevada – ABC News

What were they thinking??? D.A. chages two RGJ reporters

CaptureStorey County prosecutors have charged a Reno Gazette-Journal photographer with misdemeanor counts of trespassing and battery, and a reporter with misdemeanor trespassing after an altercation with two Tesla Motors security guards at an industrial park east of Sparks.

The newspaper’s lawyer says the journalists were trying to leave the area when they were attacked by two guards on Oct. 9.

Photographer Andy Barron initially was booked on one trespassing count and two counts of felony battery with a deadly weapon after the guards told investigators he drove a Jeep into them, causing minor injuries to both.

District Attorney Anne Langer reduced the felony charges to misdemeanor battery counts when she filed the formal criminal complaint Wednesday in Justice Court in Virginia City.

The complaint said the crimes occurred “at or near” the Tesla battery factory under construction at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center.

Source: Charges filed in fight between Tesla guards, newspaper staff

Doctor Rick, Nevada’s latest “Sovereign Citizen” embarrassment

Before becoming an antigovernment “sovereign citizen,” Rick Van Thiel worked as a porn star, male escort and sex toy inventor in Las Vegas.

Now Van Thiel is in jail there, accused of practicing medicine without a license and claiming to have performed dozens of abortions, circumcisions, castrations, root canals, even cancer treatments.

Meanwhile, the FBI, the Southern Nevada Health District and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are attempting to locate more than 100 former “patients” of the sovereign citizen-physician who calls himself “Dr. Rick.”

His patients — treated in a ramshackle trailer described as a scene from a horror movie — likely were drawn in by his ads promoting holistic medicine and natural remedies and denouncing conventional medicine, vaccinations, the pharmaceutical industry, GMOs and government interference with health care.

Source: Sovereign Citizen ‘Doctor’ Accused of Performing Abortions, Circumcisions and Treating Cancer – Alternet

Nevada pols about to self-destruct over water?

An unprecedented statewide discussion in late September about drought and water rights in Nevada could signal a looming showdown in the 2017 Legislature over water management.

The three-day drought summit and public workshops held around the state left some people nervous and others hopeful that Nevada can broker water solutions that meet the needs of urbanites while sustaining rural economies, wildlife and the ecological health of a vast and diverse landscape.

Source: Drought talks could bring legislative showdown in Nevada | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Hagar: The Nevada GOP rift that will never mend

This is probably an understatement but here goes: The passing of the $1.4 billion plan of new and increased taxes by the 2015 Legislature is the most divisive issue the Nevada Republicans have seen in years.

Usually the conservative and moderate factions of the party fight against each other like Don Quixote charging windmills.

But Nevada’s news tax package – the biggest in state history – is a tangible issue that has split the party past any chance of healing.Of course, Nevada’s Republicans will rally around whoever is nominated by the GOP for president.

But at the state level, the factions have grown so far apart that really, this rift will never mend.

Source: Hagar: Rift in Nevada GOP won’t heal

Suddenly Reno is a big deal if you want to be President

Washoe County is a microcosm of a state that many see as a microcosm of the U.S. Over last 20 years the state’s population has diversified rapidly – thanks in large part to the growth of the Latino community – and one that has seen more people move out of rural areas and into the cities than almost anywhere else in the U.S.

Source: Forget Las Vegas, presidential candidates gamble on winning over Reno’s voters – Fox News Latino