Uber continues it’s ham-fisted entry into the Nevada marketplace

When the Clark County Commission meets Tuesday morning, it is expected to reconsider one of two ordinances it unanimously approved Nov. 17.

The ordinance at issue requires contracted Uber and Lyft drivers to acquire a Clark County business license for $25 a year.

Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak requested reconsideration of the ordinance after receiving a memorandum dated Nov. 18 from county counsel Mary-Anne Miller in the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.

The memo recommended that a revised ordinance strike the language on business licensing because the state law allowing ride-hailing companies to operate in the state prohibits municipalities and counties from adding licensing requirements that aren’t required of other businesses.

That same legislation makes it clear that it’s permissible for airports to require a fee of drivers picking up passengers on airport grounds.

Uber already has signed off on paying $2.45 per pickup and drop-off at McCarran.

Following the commission vote, Uber cranked up its public relations machine, urging drivers and customers to tell commissioners “to bring Uber to McCarran Airport.”

Uber also enlisted a powerful ally, the Consumer Technology Association, operators of the giant International Consumer Electronics Show that appears in Las Vegas every January.

Uber is trying to prevent the county from getting a list of contracted drivers, which they say is proprietary information. The county wants a list of driver names or numbers to make sure all drivers pay for licensing or paying airport fees.

Source: Uber brings pressure over Clark County’s licensing of ride-sharing drivers – Las Vegas Review-Journal

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