“The whole GOP base, they tend to attack most of our people”

German Maldonado could back a Republican. But it’s not likely, not at a time when Donald Trump is calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.

“The whole GOP base, they tend to attack most of our people,” said the graphic designer, who came to this country from Mexico 25 years ago.

That, in a nutshell, is the crushing challenge Republicans face in 2016, a problem that looms as a serious blow to their hopes of winning in swing states such as Nevada.

Source: Donald Trump has already built a wall – between GOP and Latinos – The Sacramento Bee

2,000 pack Reno Ballroom to hear Bernie Sanders’ bull$hit

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders returned to Reno on Sunday to spread his populist message as the campaign increases its presence in Nevada.

The Vermont senator held several events throughout the day including speaking to union leaders in Sparks, a meeting with seniors, a meeting with rural voters Sunday evening and a rally at the Reno Ballroom that drew around 2,000 people.

Same leftist bull$hit as always. They guy’s been a US Senator for years and hasn’t delivered one item of substance to the citizens of the United States. He’s a phony.

The visit was part of a larger effort by the campaign to increase its presence in Nevada. Sanders has opened several offices around the state and began advertising on television as well.


Jayden Stevens of Reno said he is drawn to Sanders message and thinks young people in particular will turn out to vote for him. (Because they are stupid enough to believe that Sanders would actually follow through on any of his bogus promises.)

“I see people on Reddit and Facebook who say, ‘This guy makes me want to go out and vote.’” (These people are gullible morons too!)

Melanie Swick, 22, of Reno, agreed with Stevens and said Sanders’ youth appeal will help him best former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

LOL, at 22 Melanie is just as clueless as Jayden.


Source: 2,000 pack Reno Ballroom to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders

Clark County grand jury targets @NVGOP rocket-scientist Tony Dane

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 14.49.47Republican activist Tony Dane, the central figure in an alleged extortion plot against a Nevada assemblyman, has been notified he’s the target of a Clark County grand jury.

Dane is alleged to have sought to extort Assemblyman Chris Edwards, R-Las Vegas.

The investigation is focusing on allegations of extortion, illegal wiretapping and the filing of false public documents with the secretary of state’s office involving Dane’s CRC PAC.

Source: Republican activist told he’s the target of a Clark County grand jury investigation – Las Vegas Review-Journal

@ReviewJournal in denial about Adelson…panic to follow

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 12.39.27

We’re here to help you sort out what’s going on with the dinosaur known as the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

This is what we do know:

The staff at Las Vegas’ “most reliable source for Las Vegas news, breaking news, video and information on Las Vegas and Nevada’s largest newspaper” were the last ones to figure out that Sheldon Adelson was their new boss.

The editorial staff and the paper’s columnists are all in denial about what just happened.

“Considering the independence of our newsroom and the determination of its dedicated staff are responsible for revealing the Adelsons’ purchase of the newspaper in the first place, we’re hopeful the Review-Journal will deliver more of the same.”

Pretty funny. The Adelson buzz had already spread across Nevada’s political class like a runaway wildfire by the time the RJ “broke” the story.

“You can be assured that if the Adelsons attempt to skew coverage, by ordering some stories covered and others killed or watered down, the Review-Journal’s editors and reporters will fight it.”

Yeah, like Adelson is going to continue letting the RJ skew things the way they have while running the RJ into the ground.

“What we wanted was the openness we depend on to do our jobs.”

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 12.46.00
Two, as in you’ve got two minutes to clear out your desks.

We here at The  Nevada Political Blog would like to know what jobs these dummies are talking about?

The fact is, Adelson clearly intends to clean house at the RJ.

To think he just dumped $140 million into a slow motion train-wreck and will let things go on before merely demonstrates just how clueless the outgoing RJ management and editors are.


Tom Collins popped for DUI – who didn’t see this coming…?

Former Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins was arrested Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Collins, 65, whose full name is Clarence Weldon Collins, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center about 7:50 p.m., jail records show.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office typically does not press charges in DUI cases until blood results are returned, which can take months.

Collins in August abruptly resigned from his seat on the commission, citing “family matters” that would leave him unable to serve his constituents.

The self-proclaimed “cowboy commissioner” was a former bull-rider and power-line installer who was popular with many of the residents who make up his largely rural district.

He was blunt and often used profanity to get his point across, frequently clashing with other elected officials.

Source: Ex-Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins arrested on suspicion of DUI – Las Vegas Sun News

The RJ is a dinosaur…who cares who owns it

Thursday’s sale of the Las Vegas Review-Journal left staffers, and readers, with a lot of questions.

Perhaps foremost among them: Who now owns Nevada’s largest newspaper.

Answers remain unclear.

What is known: News + Media Capital Group LLC — a newly formed Delaware-domiciled company backed by “undisclosed financial backers with expertise in the media industry” — paid $140 million for the Review-Journal and its sister publications.

Seriously though, who really cares…???

Source: Unidentified buyer paid $140 million for Las Vegas Review-Journal – Las Vegas Review-Journal

While Cali’s morons continue to bungle bullet train, NV moves ahead with Hyperloop test

A California company with visions of building a futuristic transportation system to one day zip people and packages at nearly the speed of sound announced Tuesday it is building a test facility in southern Nevada.

Hyperloop Technologies Inc. and the Nevada governor’s office said the 50-acre facility at a fledgling North Las Vegas business park will test a linear electric motor at speeds up to 335 mph — about half the speed envisioned in a full-scale system.

“This decision represents another major milestone in our journey to bring Hyperloop to commercial reality,” Rob Lloyd, CEO of the Los Angeles-based company, said in a statement.

Source: California firm Hyperloop to test engine in southern Nevada – The San Francisco Examiner

More bad news for Cali – Faraday follows Tesla to Nevada

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 23.29.55Faraday Future, the electric-vehicle startup backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, plans to manufacture its first car in 2017 at a $1 billion factory near Las Vegas, company and Nevada officials said.North Las Vegas prevailed over cities in California, Georgia and Louisiana as the site of California-based Faraday’s first manufacturing operation, which may break ground as soon as January. Rival Tesla Motors Inc. is building the world’s largest lithium-ion battery factory east of Reno after choosing Nevada over four other states.

Source: Faraday Follows Tesla to Nevada for $1 Billion Auto Factory – Bloomberg Business