Bundy-kook lawyer bailing out

Facing serious back problems, Cliven Bundy’s lawyer is trying to withdraw from the Bunkerville standoff case.

Attorney Joel Hansen said in court papers last week that he is preparing to have back surgery later this year and will be unable to participate in the criminal trial, which is set to begin on Feb. 6.

“Due to my health issues, I do not believe that Cliven Bundy could receive a vigorous and effective defense if I were forced to stay on the case,” Hansen said. “

And since I may probably be disabled for up to 12 weeks between now and the trial, there is no way I can be properly prepared to attend the trial.”

Hansen said he has recruited another lawyer to take his place but did not identify the lawyer.

Read the whole story at: Cliven Bundy lawyer wants off Bunkerville standoff case – Las Vegas Review-Journal

#Islamics come to Reno

In March 2016, the Northern Nevada International Center (an Islamic base of operations) was approved as a resettlement agency and expects to resettle up to 20 refugees by the end of this month and 75 to 100 by the end of the fiscal year.

The bulk of refugees come as families, with individuals making up less than 2 percent of resettled refugees.

Federal grants cover costs for housing, medical care and job training. So your tax dollars picked up the tab.

Of course they’ll be able to buy guns here. Great, just great.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal