#Trump is very transactional when it comes to #marijuana

While there has been speculation about how the month-old administration, particularly cannabis-shaming Attorney General Jeff Sessions, will deal with the marijuana business, insiders and industry advocates are “cautiously optimistic” that Trump doesn’t have it in for weed.

“Trump is not an ideologue, that’s the good news — he’s very transactional,” Washington, D.C., public policy consultant Nathan Daschle told participants Friday at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco. “The only people who are really left that are opposed to this come from an ideological point of view.”

Added Joe Hunter, who has worked for various GOP campaigns, Sessions “and Donald Trump are not sitting in the Oval Office wringing their hands over cannabis.”

And because of Trump and Sessions’ strong belief in states’ rights, making it more unlikely they would interfere with states whose voters have approved legalization laws, National Cannabis Industry Association Deputy Director Taylor West said, “We’re cautiously optimistic.”

Even so, uncertainty hangs over the industry, thanks to the legal no-man’s land between federal and state law that is chilling for cannabis businesses, confusing for consumers and a potential risk to the billions in weed-related tax revenue.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle

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