#Racist #America

A recent study found that job applicants with Asian surnames faced discrimination. Job applicants in Canada with names of Indian, Pakistani or Chinese origin were 28 percent less likely to get called in for an interview, compared with those with Anglo names, even when the qualifications were the same.

Companies surveyed were concerned that applicants with Asian surnames would have language problems, according to Jeffrey G. Reitz, a sociologist at the University of Toronto. In addition, employers were concerned about the prospect’s risk of failure, and getting blamed for that failure. He noted that it’s possible many employers harbored implicit bias — an unconscious negative association for minorities.

That’s infuriating. It doesn’t matter if you were born here, if you majored in English or if you devoted yourself to the writing craft; if your name comes off as foreign, you may end up getting turned away. Another study found that Asian job candidates in the United States were twice as likely to get a call back if they changed their names and excluded race-based honors and organizations (a finding that held true for African Americans, too).

Read the whole article in the San Francisco Chronicle

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