#Vaping industry relentlessly targets your kids

With your children in mind, an increasing number of Southern California stores sell e-cigarettes, and shoppers are more likely to find fruit-flavored tobacco products than fresh produce on the shelves.

That’s according to 2016 data released by the statewide “Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community” campaign that analyzed advertising and merchandise from more than 7,100 stores across California. The survey included pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and smoke shops.

Nice job pharmacies…? WTF???

Since the last survey in 2013, the number of Los Angeles County stores selling e-cigarettes jumped 34 percent. The increase was 21 percent for Orange County, 15 percent for San Bernardino County and 9 percent for Riverside County.

“A lot of these stores are located in close proximity to schools,” said Ravi Choudhuri, advocacy manager for the American Lung Association’s Orange County division. “We know from all different types of research that it’s a gateway to tobacco use. The way it’s marketed everywhere is to get lifetime users, especially among younger customers.”

The findings show that tobacco products are easier to find than nutritious foods.

We’re pretty sure Nevada isn’t much different.

Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Daily News

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