Researchers say #Disney cookies contain cancer causing chemical

A consumer health watchdog group is warning parents to stop giving their children Walgreens’ Disney Jungle Book whole grain animal crackers, featuring the storybook characters Mowgli and Baloo on the package.

The cookies contain excessive levels of a cancer-causing chemical called acrylamide, said Charles Margulis of the Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health.

“The Disney product is marked as whole grain so the parents are thinking, ‘Oh great, I can give my kids a treat that’s a healthier option than the regular animal crackers made with white flour,’’’ Margulis told the Bay Area News Group on Tuesday.

“But no one knows there are excessive levels of a cancer-causing chemical in the whole grain variety,’’ he added.

Feckless Disney had no comment.

Last year, the Food & Drug Administration issued recommendations to consumers for reducing their exposure to acrylamide-tainted foods, and released a document giving food companies guidance on how to reduce the chemical in their products.

Acrylamide in food has been a serious concern since 2002 when scientists discovered the cancer-causing chemical in many common products. The chemical poses particular threats to young children.

Read the whole story in the Mercury News

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