Bad news ladies, young men say they don’t want to be manly

Despite the decades-long drumbeat for gender equity, young American men still feel strong social pressure to adhere to traditional male roles to be tough, sexually aggressive and controlling.

That’s bad news ladies, most personally don’t believe in the tenets of old-style masculinity. They’ve become head-cases instead.

This disconnect between how they feel they should act and how they say they want to act leaves many young males in a sexual quandary.

Their bravado and outward posture that ‘all is fine’ masks deep insecurities, depression and frequent thoughts of suicide,” according to experts.

Compared to outside-the-box men, they engage in risky behaviors such as binge drinking and reckless driving, and are three to six times more likely to be victims or perpetrators of bullying and to sexually harass women.

For men outside the “box,” the dissonance between perceived social norms and personal beliefs looms large.

Basically these guys are losers. Maybe those old guys hitting on you at the clubs aren’t so bad after all ladies.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle

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