Brutal #stemcell scam rips the sick and elderly off

Three StemGenex patients — two with diabetes and one with lupus — say they were misled by the medical group’s marketing pitch to pay $14,900 each in 2015 and 2016 for therapies that have had no effect.

The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, claims that StemGenex has made its money by “targeting the ill and the elderly” with “false, fabricated and purposefully misleading” claims about patient satisfaction. Selena Moorer, a lupus patient from Florida, and her two co-plaintiffs say StemGenex has “no reasonable basis for its marketing claim that the Stem Cell Treatments were effective to treat diseases as advertised.” The lawsuit names StemGenex, Alexander and Andre Lallande, the group’s chief medical officer, as defendants. The company denies the claims made in the lawsuit.

What’s most important to know is that there’s no accepted scientific evidence that the treatments work.

Many clinics offering the treatments capitalize on the public’s impression that stem cells have become some sort of medical miracle.

Dr. Mehmet Oz warned his vast television audience about this misconception in February, when he aired a lengthy undercover investigation of stem cell clinics and called for government regulation.

Read the whole story in the LA Times

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