#Perverts are running wild in #LasVegas schools

WTF? Say again, WTF!!!???

A Clark County School District custodian was arrested Saturday on three counts of unlawful contact with a minor or mentally ill person.

Jesus A. Acosta, 56, is the 11th school district employee to be arrested this year in connection with inappropriate behavior from last July to April. That number tops 10 arrests made in each of the two previous school years, according to the district.

Did you get that? The 11th! The 11th!!!

The Metropolitan Police Department said it made the arrest on the 9300 block of Sterling Hill Avenue. P0lice provided no details on what led to the arrest.

Acosta was working as a custodian at Tarkanian Middle School, 5800 W. Pyle Ave., and was hired by the district in 2014, school district spokesman David Sheehan said.

A spokeswoman from the school declined to comment.

The school district better start rethinking that “declined to comment” thing before angry parents with pitchforks and torches show up.


Read the whole story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

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