#Facebook, the preferred social media platform for psychopathic killers

It’s been a bad week for Facebook. First, a Cleveland killer livestreamed the act of murder through the app’s Live feature. Then, days later, a shooter in Fresno left behind a Facebook page littered with threats against the president and “white devils.”

In one sense, for the social media behemoth, the storm of dismay and distress won’t be hard to weather.

But the trouble runs deeper than public-relations crises and speech codes.

Befitting social media’s global reach, its dark side has established an international presence.

Social media moguls dove into their now-awkward position of political and cultural world-making.

If they can’t admit there are limits to what technology can and should do to ameliorate social disorder, they’ll soon find their life more uncomfortable still.

Read the whole article in the Press-Telegram

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