#Islamics are swarming in European prisons

Authorities say although Italy has not seen the terrorism experienced elsewhere in Europe or around the world, the country’s incarceration facilities are incubators for killer Islamics.

The problem exists at jails and prisons around the world.

It is impossible to know exactly how many violent extremists are in prison custody around the world, but some countries may have only a few while others may have hundreds or thousands.

French officials said a man who attacked a soldier at Orly Airport last month before being shot dead by the soldier’s colleagues was flagged to the country’s intelligence services as a possible Islamist extremist after he was “radicalized in prison.”

The number of extremists who commit attacks in France after serving time has led to French jails being dubbed “finishing schools” for terrorists.

In Italy, Justice Minister Andrea Orlando said recently that the country’s jails had become “hotbeds for radicalization.” The nation has about 55,000 inmates.

Public alarm about Islamics has grown in Italy as the number of migrants sailing from North Africa has soared, with 500,000 arriving in the last three years. Italy has a population of about 60 million, including an estimated 1.2 million to 1.4 million Islamics.

“The paths to radicalization are above all on the Web and in jails,” Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said recently.

In another case, officials have said they think Anis Amri, who drove a truck into a market in Germany in December, killing 12 people, was also radicalized in Italian jails. Amri fled Germany but was shot dead by police in a suburb of Milan, Italy.

Read the whole story in the LA Times

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