Nevada legislators move to make sex with animals a crime

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

Assembly Bill 391 would end Nevada’s status as one of a few states that don’t forbid carnal relations with animals. The bill would make bestiality a gross misdemeanor or felony, with punishments that include prison time; mandatory mental health evaluations and counseling; and forfeiting their animals.

People convicted of bestiality will no longer be able to work around animals, including as animal shelter volunteers.

The bill was also changed so that perpetrators who commit the crime with someone else’s animal would have to pay for any veterinarian bills.

The bill has the support of the Humane Society and animal advocates. Supporters have pointed to myriad reasons for making bestiality a crime. For example, the bill’s supporters say, studies show that the behavior can lead to more serious crimes against children.

Perpetrators openly use the internet to advertise animals for the act, including in Nevada, according to testimony that lawmakers heard earlier this month in the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining.

Read the whole story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

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