Newspaper prints study that says #Conservatives are genetically predisposed to #racism

Those especially fearful of infections and prone to disgust are most likely to oppose immigration by those of a different race or color, according to a study by three political scientists.

This aversion is the result of an evolutionary mechanism that unconsciously steers people away from things that are different and perhaps threatening, the study said. It does so by making those things appear disgusting.

Moreover, the study says people hold conservative views because that defensive mechanism acts especially strongly in them, not because they have rationally adopted those views.

Invoking a hypothesis called the “behavioral immune system,” that mechanism explained why political conservatives tend to favor restricting immigration. While many of the concept’s evolutionary assumptions seem plausible, the biological underpinnings haven’t been rigorously demonstrated to the degree that scientists have done with the actual immune system.

Let us spell it out for you readers…this report, and the newspapers printing it, are basically saying if you’re a Conservative, racism is in your DNA. The wonders of science continue to amaze.

Read the whole story in the San Diego Union-Tribune

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