#PoliceState views black males — even children — as a threat

It appears as though the Police State has declared war an all black males.

As the death reignited a national conversation about race and the police, it’s also elevated what’s viewed as a well-understood fact in many African American communities: When you’re black — even if you’re a child — you can be viewed as a threat to police.

“These are trained professionals, who are supposed to make rational decisions, but they’re not,” said Benjamin Crump, a civil rights attorney and former president of the National Bar Assn., a network of black lawyers and judges. “And yet again our children — I repeat, children — are paying the ultimate price.”

Crump spoke Saturday, the day a funeral was held for Jordan, a freshman who played on the Mesquite High School football team. A white hearse carried his body from a Baptist church to the cemetery, and teammates attended the burial wearing their white-and-maroon jerseys.

Hours before the funeral, former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver, the man who executed the unarmed 15-year-old: Jordan Edwards, walked out of jail after posting $300,000. Oliver, 37, was arrested Friday and charged with murder. He was fired from the Balch Springs Police Department for what Chief Jonathan Haber called “violations” in protocol.

Jordan’s death echoes other police shootings involving black boys that have riled the country.

Read the whole story in the LA Times

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