Americans have pretty much had it with the #Islamics

The number of anti-Islamic incidents and crimes in the U.S. surged last year to some of the highest levels seen in recent times, according to a new report from a prominent Islamic front group claiming to care about civil rights.

Go figure. The Islamics blow stuff up and kill people on a pretty regular basis. Normal people just aren’t in to these sorts of things.

The report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations documented a 57% increase in anti-Islamic incidents last year compared with 2015.

Everyone knows CAIR is a front group for the violent Islamics in the Middle-East.

The San Bernardino Killer Islamics.

To produce the report, released Tuesday, CAIR claims to have investigated thousands of calls and emails made to dozens of its offices around the U.S. and reviewed data from national and local media reports. The process included interviews with witnesses and police.

Read the whole story in the LA Times

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