#Salon endorses #bigotry, as long as it’s targeted against #Trump supporters

Salon.com is breaking new ground in American bigotry. Focusing on the shortcomings of Trump voters. In essence, one of the Left’s leading publications has come up with a new hate-based definition of Trump’s supporters that Calvin Candie would be proud of. And just like Candie, they have science to prove their point.

The PRRI study suggests Trump’s supporters don’t do well distinguishing between their feelings and factual circumstances. Take their relative economic class — they’re not necessarily poor, but they aren’t satisfied. They don’t like what they see, but want someone else to fix it. They’re traumatized and lash out. Many are inclined to blame others and self-medicate, yet reject self-betterment through higher education. The survey shows that lots of people in overlooked America vote based on their frustrations and darker emotions.

“White working-class Americans display a strong sense of economic fatalism, which influenced their vote choice in 2016,” said PRRI research director Dan Cox. “A majority of white working-class Americans believe that college education is more of a risk than an investment in the future, a view that is at odds not only with white college-educated Americans, but with black and Hispanic Americans as well. And white working-class voters who lost confidence in the education system as a path to upward mobility were much more likely to support Trump in the 2016 election.”

Source: Salon.com

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