#Leftist’s frightening new #PoliceState strategy: Diagnose #Trump voters as mentally ill

Radical journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, Hochshild’s friend, warned the Berkeley sociologist not to overly empathize with her subjects. “Barbara said, ‘Enough already, get over it — don’t forget these people did vote for Trump.’”

As Hochschild notes in her book, writers on the left like Thomas Frank (“What’s the Matter with Kansas?”) have long struggled to understand why conservatives like those she interviewed embrace political candidates and views that contradict their own economic self-interest. After all, Trump’s proposed tax cuts and health care plan will only do further harm to oil workers and their families in the Louisiana bayou. But Hochschild’s central insight is that, like all of us, Trump voters are motivated by “a deep story” — an unconscious force that defies political logic. Our deep story “removes judgment. It removes fact. It tells us how things feel.”

In short, people who support President Trump are mentally ill.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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