Brutal #LasVegas cop charged with manslaughter

Metropolitan Police Department officer Kenneth Lopera was formally charged Monday in the death of Tashii Brown, the unarmed Las Vegas man who died last month after being shocked with a Taser and put in a neck hold while being arrested.

The Clark County district attorney’s office filed a criminal complaint charging Lopera with involuntary manslaughter and oppression under color of office.

Surveillance footage shows that Lopera stunned Brown seven times, placed him in a neck hold for more than four minutes and punched him in the face during the arrest.

The Clark County coroner’s office said Brown died from asphyxiation due to police restraint. Metro officials have said the neck hold used by Lopera, which he described as a “rear naked choke,” violated department procedures, as it varied from the authorized hold known as the lateral vascular neck restraint.

Manslaughter, no. Murder, yes. Enjoy your Police State.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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