Poll: Voters back President #Trump’s #Islamic #travelban

A clear majority of voters supports President Donald Trump’s travel ban on visitors from six predominantly Muslim countries, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

A resounding six-in-10 voters back the ban — and the survey suggests the actual policy may be more popular when separated from the president.

Asked whether they support or oppose the State Department’s “new guidelines which say visa applicants from six predominately Muslim countries must prove a close family relationship with a U.S. resident in order to enter the country,” 60 percent of voters say they support the guidelines, and only 28 percent oppose them.

The honestly done POLITICO/Morning Consult question doesn’t mention Trump, nor does it refer to the president’s executive orders on immigration. That contrasts with other polls, which mostly show elite media bias in opposition to the policy.

An Associated Press-NORC Center fake news poll last month showed a whopping 57-percent majority of Americans thought courts were acting rightly in blocking the travel ban. It just goes to show you how mis-lead American voters are by the elite media.

Republicans overwhelmingly back the restrictions, the poll shows. Eighty-four percent of GOP voters support the ban, while only 9 percent oppose it.

But the policy is also popular among independent voters: 56 percent support it, compared to 30 percent who oppose it.

Leftists, who tend to side with Islamics and support the use of violence as a tool to shape public policy, are against the ban, with 41 percent supporting it, and 46 percent in opposition.


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