Brutal police turn killing people’s pets into a sport

There have been numerous high-profile examples of law enforcement officers killing people after using a questionable, or obviously unjustified, amount of force. Much less attention has been paid, however, to the unwarranted use of force in killing people’s pets, whom many consider to be members of their family, and whose unnecessary deaths cause nearly as much grief and anguish.

The numbers of animals killed during police encounters is shockingly high. The actual number is unknown – there is not even an official accounting of people killed by police, much less animals – but estimates range from several hundred to several thousand per year. The Puppycide Database Project, which bills itself as “the first nationwide database tracking police shootings of animals,” has documented nearly 3,000 such cases over the last several years. Countless others doubtless go unreported.

Sometimes such shootings are justified, such as when a vicious dog charges at a police officer in the line of duty with a clear intent to commit harm. But, far too often, the killings are totally preventable, and sometimes just plain cruel.

Source: Police are shooting a shocking number of people’s pets – Orange County Register

#Bundy supporters freed by Nevada jury

For the second time this year, the federal government tried and failed to convict four men who joined the high-profile Bundy family in its 2014 standoff with federal agents in a dispute over grazing fees for cattle.

A Las Vegas jury acquitted two of the four men on trial, Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart, on all 10 charges against them.

The jury found the other two defendants, Scott Drexler and Eric Parker, not guilty on most charges, but it could not reach verdicts on four charges against Parker and two charges against Drexler. The government has not said whether it plans to retry them.

The verdicts were a remarkable setback for the government in its attempts to prosecute Cliven Bundy, his family and several of their supporters.

A conviction of the Bundys is a major priority for Leftists and the Police State.

Source: Once again, a jury rules in favor of Bundy supporters in their 2014 standoff with federal agents – LA Times

Violent #Leftists target Christopher Columbus statue for destruction

A battle is brewing inside San Jose City Hall to remove a statue some say represents violence and genocide. The San Jose Brown Berets last week launched a petition to remove the Christopher Columbus statue from the City Hall lobby, its home since the East Santa Clara Street building opened in 2005.

“That part of history was written in my people’s blood,” said Peter Ortiz, 27, a labor organizer, trustee at Mount Pleasant Elementary School District and co-chair of the Brown Berets. “Christopher Columbus didn’t just come here with nuts and berries for my ancestors. There was rape and genocide.”

The statue was donated to San Jose in 1958 by the Italian-American community.

Source: San Jose organizers push to remove Christopher Columbus statue from City Hall

@POTUS continues to stand up to #fakenewsmedia

Defiant. Freewheeling. Blistering. Those were just a few descriptions of President Trump’s rally in Phoenix last night, a day after he delivered a sobering address on the war in Afghanistan.

In a 76-minute speech, the president suggested a government shutdown could be used to force Democrats to agree to fund a border wall; said he was likely to terminate NAFTA; and hinted he would pardon former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The President saved his greatest criticism for the media, which he blamed for twisting his response to a white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Va., and accused of “trying to take away our history and heritage.”

Source: Today: Trump Turns Up the Heat in Phoenix – LA Times

Violent #Leftists target statue for destruction

A statue depicting a Confederate soldier known as “Silent Sam” at the University of North Carolina on Tuesday became the latest of many Civil War-era landmarks to face calls for removal in what’s become a national debate over racism in American history.

Violent Leftists have targeted the statue for destruction.

Calls to remove the statue — which commemorates the 321 UNC alumni who fought in the Confederate army during the Civil War on the school’s campus in Chapel Hill — come days after the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed from Duke University, UNC’s arch-rival school 10 miles away in Durham.

Source: Is ‘Silent Sam’ the next Confederate statue to spark unrest? – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Pew Research Center: Americans want the #soreloser #elitemedia to get its act together

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 94% of Americans say they have heard about the current state of the relationship between the Trump administration and the news media. And what they’ve seen does not reassure them: Large majorities feel the relationship is unhealthy and that the ongoing tensions are impeding Americans’ access to important political news.

Moreover, both of these concerns are widely shared across nearly all demographic groups, including large majorities of both Democrats and Republicans.

Source: Most Americans Say Tensions Between Trump and Media Hinder Access to Political News | Pew Research Center

The #Antifa are basically just like #Nazis

The greatest Nazi-killer of the 20th century was Josef Stalin. He also killed millions of his own people and terrorized, oppressed, enslaved or brutalized tens of millions more.

The fact that he killed Nazis during World War II (out of self-preservation, not principle) doesn’t dilute his evil one bit.

It’s fine to believe that Nazism was more evil than communism. That doesn’t make communism good.

And that’s why this debate is so toxically stupid. Fine, antifa isn’t as bad as the KKK. Who cares? Since when is being less bad than the Klan a major moral accomplishment?

Source: ‘Antifa’ radicals aren’t good because they fight Nazis – San Francisco Chronicle

Psycho #Leftist stabs guy because he “looked” like a #Nazi

A Colorado man was stabbed by a stranger who allegedly thought he was a neo-Nazi, despite the fact that he has no associations with any white supremacist or Nazi movements.

Joshua Witt posted about the incident on Facebook on Wednesday, including photos of his bloody hand, wound and car. In the post, he wrote that “apparently I look like a neo-nazi and got stabbed for it … luckily I put my hands up to stop it so he only stabbed my hand…. please keep in mind there was no conversation between me and this dude I was literally just getting out of my car.”

Source: He was mistaken for a neo-Nazi and stabbed — and thinks his haircut is to blame | The Modesto Bee

#Islamic killing rampage continues in Marseille, France

A van rammed into two bus stops in the French port city of Marseille on Monday, killing one person and injuring another, a police official said.

The driver of the Renault Master van was arrested in a third location, the scenic Old Port area of France’s second-largest city.

A man was injured at the first bus stop and the woman killed at the second.

Source: 1 dead, 1 injured as van rams bus stops in Marseille, France – Orange County Register

With #SteveBannon’s departure, the elite media turns its wrath on the Koch network

Koch’s network of conservative advocacy groups has exerted surprising sway in the Trump administration, scoring some early victories and pushing its priorities to the top of the White House agenda.

Its influence is likely to grow after the ouster of Trump’s top strategist, Stephen K. Bannon.

Source: Bannon’s ouster could boost the powerful Koch network, which has surprising sway in Trump’s White House – The San Diego Union-Tribune