Bullying incident forces DiMuro out

Screenshot 2017-12-13 at 07.53.51The resignation of Nevada’s chief medical officer in October had nothing to do with the state’s first execution in 11 years, but instead because of alleged bullying by his superior.

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services launched an investigation into allegations made by former Chief Medical Officer Dr. John DiMuro against  the division administrator that were detailed in his resignation letter obtained by the Reno Gazette Journal last week.

DiMuro was overseeing Nevada’s first lethal injection execution in 11 years. That execution is still facing legal challenges revolving around the drugs the state is planning to use to kill inmate Scott Dozier.

In his letter, DiMuro said he resigned because of alleged “demeaning communication, censure and bullying behavior exhibited by the newly appointed Division Administrator Amy Roukie,” according to a copy of DiMuro’s letter of resignation.

In the letter, DiMuro alleged the division administrator created a hostile work place.

Reno Gazette-Journal

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