House lawmakers are mad because they still can’t dump nuke waste in Nevada

Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 08.30.16.png
We want to dump our nuclear waste in your state.

Feckless House lawmakers with nuclear power plants in their congressional districts are mad because they’re not yet able to dump all that nuclear waste in Nevada.

The feds still can’t seem to figure out how to construct a permanent repository at Yucca Mountain.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, federal taxpayers face a liability because of the government’s failure to construct and safely dispose of nuclear waste.

All eyes in Washington are on Nevada.

Yucca Mountain was designated by Congress as the national repository for nuclear waste in 1987. The Department of Energy spent $15 billion to study the site and applied for a license to construct a repository.

But President Barack Obama stopped funding for the licensing application in 2011.

President Donald Trump is seeking to restart the licensing process and included $120 million for it in the DOE budget.


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