Las Vegas police continue to stonewall…still haven’t released October shooting videos

Screenshot 2018-04-28 at 07.26.38.pngThe Nevada Supreme Court says the Metropolitan Police Department must begin releasing body camera footage and 911 call audio from the Las Vegas mass shooting.

“The speed with which the Supreme Court made this decision reflects the complete absence of merit in the Metropolitan Police Department’s arguments,” Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said.

A Clark County judge ruled in February that Metro had 30 days to hand over all the records, which were requested days after the Oct. 1 shooting.

Metro stonewalled.

In March, a judge gave Metro a total of six months to fulfill the request, but ordered the department to immediately begin releasing the records on a “rolling basis.”

Metro appealed.

The new ruling means the department is compelled to begin releasing the footage and audio.

So far nothing from Metro has been made public. It’s clearly a flagrantly violating the Nevada Public Records Act.

Enjoy your Police State.

Prosecutors plan on throwing the book at sex pervert GOPer Benjamin Sparks

Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 09.39.51It looks like prosecutors are going to throw the book at sex pervert Republican Benjamin Sparks.

There appears to be plenty of evidence piling up according to the Review-Journal.

You may recall from previous reports, Sparks and his fiancee had argued over his cocaine use and other “relationship issues.” So Sparks decided to lock his sex-slave girlfriend in the house for a couple of hours.

The girlfriend lost a fingernail.

The best information we have about Sparks is that he’s on the lam in Texas.

There’s more bad news for Sparks. RedRock Strategies, a prominent GOP consulting firm, has given him the boot.

No doubt this drama will continue for a while.

Nevada #GOP sex criminal on the run

Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 09.39.51Clark County prosecutors are expected to file a criminal complaint against a Las Vegas political adviser accused of sexually enslaving and battering his fiancee.

The target is Benjamin Sparks, who most recently worked on Nevada Republican Cresent Hardy’s campaign to win back the 4th Congressional District seat he held from 2015 to 2017.

According to the Review-Journal, a Las Vegas police report says there is “probable cause to arrest Sparks for domestic battery.” The incident involved a dispute at the Las Vegas home he shared with his fiancee.

The police report maintains that Sparks and his fiancee had argued over his cocaine use and other “relationship issues.” That’s when things apparently got violent.

The Review-Journal also reports that Sparks previously had his fiancee sign a contract to become his “slave and property.” The contract required her to kneel and look down when she entered his presence, be nude at all times, have sexual relations with him whenever he wanted and wear a collar in private.

The Review-Journal says Sparks asked his fiancee to be tied up and blindfolded and to have sex with other men in front of him. She said the request was her breaking point.

Eeeeewwwww! What a creep.

Sparks fled to Texas and left all his belongings behind.