Las Vegas police continue to stonewall…still haven’t released October shooting videos

Screenshot 2018-04-28 at 07.26.38.pngThe Nevada Supreme Court says the Metropolitan Police Department must begin releasing body camera footage and 911 call audio from the Las Vegas mass shooting.

“The speed with which the Supreme Court made this decision reflects the complete absence of merit in the Metropolitan Police Department’s arguments,” Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said.

A Clark County judge ruled in February that Metro had 30 days to hand over all the records, which were requested days after the Oct. 1 shooting.

Metro stonewalled.

In March, a judge gave Metro a total of six months to fulfill the request, but ordered the department to immediately begin releasing the records on a “rolling basis.”

Metro appealed.

The new ruling means the department is compelled to begin releasing the footage and audio.

So far nothing from Metro has been made public. It’s clearly a flagrantly violating the Nevada Public Records Act.

Enjoy your Police State.

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