Las Vegas investor arrested, owes $2.2 billion to Nevada company

Screenshot 2018-07-03 at 12.37.49.pngNgan claims to be a child refugee from a Cambodian concentration camp who attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at age 14, then amassed “billions of dollars managing funds for foreign governments in the Middle East and helping found a major retail business in Asia.”

The multibillion-dollar judgment was a result of Ngan’s continued failures to respond to the company’s lawsuit, resulting in the company’s requested default judgment being granted in the court’s order, the Sun reported. The company argued that the profits from Ngan’s promised investment of $100 million — which never materialized — in addition to attorney’s fees and interest justified the company’s request for $2.2 billion in damages.

The judgment against Ngan states that in addition to the 10-figure award, he is also on the hook for 5.5 percent interest — or $333,170 per day.

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The Workplace In Nevada: Speed Versus Safety

Screenshot 2018-07-03 at 12.12.51There was a time when workplace safety was considered the responsibility of the employee: You take a job and you consent to the hazards that might be part of the job.

In the 20th Century, laws were enacted to protect workers. They didn’t always work, especially in the Wild West of Nevada where workplace safety and the desire to work faster often conflicted.

UNLV history professor Michelle Follette Turk explores that part of Nevada’s history in her new book “A History of Occupational Health and Safety: From 1905 to the Present.”

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Nevada Democrats turn to high schools for voters, take the lead in voter registration

Nevada Democrats are outpacing Republicans in voter registrations for a third consecutive month.

According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, the number of active registered Democrats increased by 8,623 in June, while Republicans added 5,830 to their rolls. Nonpartisan registration grew by 3,502 in June.

Democrats credit the numbers to a dramatic increase in volunteers working with high schools to register voter-aged students.

Voter registration deadlines for the general election are in October.

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Effort to close brothels in one Nevada county fails

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Opponents of legalized prostitution in Nye County had been trying to put the issue to voters in a referendum in November. But county officials said Monday the effort had failed to turn in the required 1,963 signatures. The deadline was Friday.

The only recourse for proponents of the brothel elimination measure is to get county commissioners to agree to put it on the ballot — seemingly a long shot at this point.

Nye County spokesman Arnold Knightly said the board’s chairman had already indicated he would not bring the item forward before the deadline.

The group had also targeted Lyon County as a place to eliminate brothels with a signature-gathering drive. But the county’s Board of Commissioners decided in June to take a different approach to the issue by placing an advisory question on the ballot in November.

It will ask voters whether the board should end legalized prostitution in Lyon County. If the majority of voters choose to make it illegal, the board could choose to rescind the existing ordinance.

Nevada is the only place in the U.S. where brothels can operate legally.

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The Guardian: Mexico election: leftist Amlo set for historic landslide victory

As an estimated 89 million voters descended on polling stations on Sunday it became clear that Mexicans – fed up with political sleaze, soaring violence and poverty – had overwhelmingly voted for change and to reject the only two parties to hold the presidency since the end of one-party rule in 2000.