Need more proof Conservative tax talk is all b.s.? Here you go…

More proof that Conservative Nevada lawmakers are just a bunch of pompous blowhards trying to get their names in the news.

Republican lawmakers who supported Gov. Brian Sandoval’s $1.4 billion tax package in 2015 out-raised their anti-tax Republican challengers so far this year as they head toward Nevada’s June 14 primary.

Campaign finance reports released last week, just before early voting began on Saturday, show that more moderate Republican Assembly members backed by Majority Leader Paul Anderson have outraised candidates backed by anti-tax incumbent Republican Assemblyman Brent Jones.

Face it, these redneck jerks talk a good game. But when it’s time to deliver they’re nowhere to be found.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

Nevada’s @SharronAngle: She’s creepy, and she’s back

Will Nevada Republicans ever really grow up?

Sharron Angle once had a shot at taking down Harry Reid.

Six years later, she’s back.These days, the tea party favorite is hoping to reverse her political misfortunes of 2010 and succeed Nevada’s retiring senior senator, also the Senate’s Democratic minority leader.

Her previous Senate campaign wasn’t able to close the deal after spending more than $28 million.

She got 44.55 percent of the vote, while Reid won with 50.29 percent.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

WTF??? Wolfpack hires Cal’s disgraced sex-perv coach

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Say what!

Nevada has hired former California assistant coach Yann Hufnagel as an assistant.

The school announced the hiring Friday, a day after Hufnagel resigned from Cal amid allegations of sexual harassment from a reporter.

Hufnagel resigned a day before the results of a review were to be released and amid an outcry over the university’s handling of sexual harassment claims against high-profile officials. The school gave Hufnagel a termination notice last month.

This pretty much makes us want to puke.

Source: ESPN

Elon Musk and and Warren Buffett fight to see who can screw Nevadans more

In an effort to lobby Nevada lawmakers for the development of solar energy following the Public Utilities Commission’s decision to slash net metering, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive organized an event Wednesday night at the Gigafactory for Nevada politicians and top government officials.

Tesla and SolarCity executives held presentations meant to be “forward-looking and educational” and the whole event also included a tour of the Gigafactory.

Last December, the change in net metering rules imposed a 75% reduction of the price electric utilities pay for electricity generated from rooftop solar. SolarCity and several other solar installers have since stopped their rooftop solar installations in the state.

The situation was framed has a battle of billionaires with Elon Musk, Chairman and largest SolarCity shareholder, on one side and Warren Buffett, his Berkshire Hathaway’s energy group owns Nevada’s largest public utility NV Energy, which lobbied for the change in net metering, on the other side.

Source: Electrek

How much are Nevada politicians hiding from the public? Probably a lot!

Nevada Legislature embraces secret government.

The Nevada Legislature gets to write the public records laws that compel state agencies and local governments to turn over emails and other documents upon request.

But ask for the lawmakers’ own emails and documents, and you’ll hit a brick wall.

The Associated Press received a meticulously annotated, 28-page denial in response to a recent request for emails sent and received by four legislative leaders’ official accounts during the first week of February.

The AP was also rejected in its request for calendars detailing a week of appointments for the legislators: Democratic Sen. Aaron Ford, Republican Sen. Michael Roberson, Republican Assembly Speaker John Hambrick and Republican Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams.

Lawyers with the Legislative Counsel Bureau cited a buffet of reasons, starting with: the Legislature and its staff couldn’t be considered a “governmental entity,” and emails and calendars couldn’t be defined as “public books or records” under the state’s public records law.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

The @FBI rounds up more Bundy kooks

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A son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and a Donald Trump campaign coalition co-chair were separately arrested and charged on Thursday by federal officials investigating the rancher’s notorious standoff in Nevada in 2014.

A federal grand jury last month indicted Cliven, 69, and his two sons Ammon, 40, and Ryan, 43, on a slew of felony offenses – including armed assault of law enforcement officials and conspiracy against the government – for the high-profile land-use dispute at the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

Now a third Cliven Bundy son, Davey Bundy, 39, has also been arrested in what appeared to be a coordinated operation that also involved the arrest of Jerry DeLemus, a 61-year-old New Hampshire co-chair for Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner.

Both now face prosecution for their participation in the conflict over government land restrictions two years ago.

Source: Cliven Bundy’s son and Trump campaigner arrested over 2014 Nevada standoff – The Guardian

Nevada Legislature: Have whack-jobs, will travel

Pistol-packin’ political firebrand Michele Fiore made the big headlines last week in Oregon, but two other Nevada legislators were on the scene in the waning hours of the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge — nearly 700 miles outside their Assembly districts.

Some would consider that beyond their jurisdiction, but I’ve come to the conclusion they believe their political area code has no bounds.

Source: Nevadans meddle in Oregon’s business – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada’s creepy teachers

Sixth-grade teacher Terry Rauh hid a video camera in the unisex staff bathroom at Hall Elementary School in Sparks.

Las Vegas elementary school teacher Noel Lardeo was the driver in a DUI collision that forced doctors to amputate a teenage boy’s leg.

Middle school substitute Tamika Queen had sex with a 15-year-old Las Vegas student.

Las Vegas teacher Raymond Elgin was caught with methamphetamine.

Longtime department head Priscilla Rocha embezzled thousands of dollars from Clark County School District.

All of these educators had their teaching licenses revoked by the state in the last two years, and for the same reason. It wasn’t for doing something wrong, but because they were criminally convicted for it.

Source: Nevada at both ends of systemic teacher-vetting problems

Watch out Gringos, Latinos are about to own you in Nevada

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Bad news for the Clive Bundy crowd….Latinos are about to decide which Democrat gets the nomination.

In the battle for Nevada, which will hold its Democratic caucuses on Saturday, the fight is largely being waged by young Latinos, many of them immigrants, who by the hundreds are seizing on the chance to focus attention on the hardships they have faced and to play a potentially pivotal role in electing the next president.

Source: Young Latinos Power Both Democrats in Nevada Caucus Campaign – The New York Times

Dennis Hof’s state senate bid – not so crazy and idea…

Brothel owner Dennis Hof announced Friday he would be running as a Libertarian for the Nevada Senate seat currently occupied by outgoing Sen. Greg Brower, R-Reno.

Hof was originally considering running for U.S. Senate, but said he did not want to kowtow to special interests for money.“You just can’t get the $5 million to 10 million without whoring yourself out and I’m not going to do that,” he said.

“There’s a lot of people willing to give me money, but there’s a payback. I’m not going to compromise my principles.”

Hof said he chose the Libertarian Party after being introduced to it by John Stossel.“It’s kind of neat,” he said. “I call myself a conservatarian. I feel like I’m a conservative guy even though I’m in a crazy business, but I like the libertarian values and what they stand for.”

Source: Brothel owner Dennis Hof announces state senate bid